The Haitian Diet Essay

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They are poor and she feels like it is her obligation and duty to help her family during this time of need. Mrs. C.D. feels like her country will never recuperate after this horrible earthquake tragedy. High Risk Behavior Mrs. C.D. express her view on the women back at home are not working and they engaged in a lot of sexual activities. The culture does not believe in birth control methods such as HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and herpes, etc. Mrs. C.D. also reports Haitians loves music and to dance. “They will party all day and all night long on the streets. Where ever you hear music, you will see a Hattian” (Mrs. C.D., personal interview August 29, 2015). With this crowd of playing music and dancing, introduces drugs and alcohol into the scene. In the end, Mrs. C.D. reports people are killing each other while engaging in this type of behavior and atmosphere. Meaning of Food Mrs. C.D. states the Haitian diet is consisted of beans, rice, shrimp, seafood and vegetables. The elderly people when Mrs. C.D. was growing up do not have problems with high blood pressure because everything was grown, picked and cooked. They only consumed fresh vegetables and fruits. With the aftermath of the earthquake, Mrs. C.D. reports he culture suffers from food scarcity and malnutrition as a result. Christmas means a lot to the Haitian culture because this signifies the birth of Jesus. They celebrate the birth of Jesus and mourn during the dates of December 23- January 6. New Year’s
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