The Haitian Revolution Of 1791

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The Haitian Revolution

To say that all men are born and created equally is an understatement to say the least. Speaking morally, yes. But in reality, no. Especially if you are someone of African descent lost in the diaspora. Case in point, the Haitian Revolution. Holding someone against their will and forcing them into slavery is wrong. To force an unfair and unjustified debt upon a people for fighting for their freedom and winning is double wrong and equally as bad as slavery. It goes as a slap in the face to those who have did nothing wrong other than be born onto a world where the color of their skin and the content of you culture is scrutinized and is used as a reason for those of the dominate society to place a stigma on them giving credence to their unfair treatment. The Haitian Revolution, also known as the Slave Revolt of 1791, was the most successful slave revolt in the world. Headed up by Toussaint L’ Overture and later by Jean-Jacques Dessalines, they led Haiti to fight off the French Army to gain their independence and freedom from1791 to 1804. Although it may seem that it was just one fight that happen, actually it was many different small battles that culminated in 1804. It is also known that the Haitian Revolution was inspired by the French Revolution and was the catalyst for the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. Saint Domingue, also known as Haiti was France and the world’s richest colony in the 18th century. Located in the…

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