The Haitian Revolution: Slavery In The Atlantic World

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Over the course of this semester we have already learned about how slavery ended at different times and different regions all over the world. I grew up in a small town in Indiana and we were only taught about the brief history of slavery ending in the United States. As a result of the migration of Africans and the abolishment of slavery, slaves had to go to different countries and two being the United States and another being Haiti which was first called Saint Dominique. Out of all of the world regions to choose, the United States was the most popular for them to smuggle their way in if they survived the transatlantic slave trade. The Haitian Revolution was the former French colony and it secured black independence. The Haitian Revolution also ensured the expansion of United States slavery. The two regions have many similarities and differences of how the slave trade panned out (Two Revolutions in the Atlantic World, 2012). The two regions are similar in the aspect that they both fought significant battles to abolish slavery. Approximately 388,000 Africans arrived in the United States between the seventeenth century and 1860. After the abolition of the slave trade in 1808, more and more Africans started to come to the U.S. from the Caribbean and many other…show more content…
North American help set the stage for the French Revolution which put the both of those region in full power over political ideologies. One thing that was different was that the United States abolishment took longer than the Haitian Revolution. The Haitian Revolution took two years to go from immediate emancipation. It was the most successful and speediest abolitionist movement in black history. However, the U.S. quickly found acceptance within broader concert of nations, it took the U.S. until 1862 to officially acknowledge Haitian acceptance to independence (Two Revolutions in the Atlantic World,
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