The Halfway Truth On The Half Way House Essay

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The Halfway Truth on
The Half-Way House
The Boca House in South Florida portrayed as the recovery resort but was nothing more than an overpriced, rundown apartment complex with absolutely no support. My expectations were set very high after doing my research on line and viewing their web page. It displayed this establishment in the heart of the resort and celebrity filled town of Boca Raton on the sunny gold coast of South Florida. It showed palm trees blowing in the wind and water fountains in their well-manicured court yards of the living accommodations. After extensive review of their brochure and web page I believed I was in for a treat in my early recovery. I expected there to be nice landscaping, tropical plants, and palm trees surrounding the luxurious complex. I pictured water fountains and the sound of water splashing while sitting on my balcony. There was to be a nice well maintained custom tile pool with a hot tub connected to it. My apartment was to be filled with modern and contemporary furnishing though out. The pictures I viewed showed nicely painted walls decorated with contemporary art and pearly white ceramic tiles throughout the entire apartment. The kitchen had nothing high end stainless steel appliances and beautiful granite counter tops. The impression I had was as if I was going to be renting an apartment in a sober living environment in a well to do establishment that I would be proud to call home.
A supportive staff was to be available at any time
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