The Hall Of Washington Elementary Essay

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One August morning many few years ago, I was walking the halls of Washington elementary excited to be in fourth grade. Because that meant I could do the fun run fundraiser, where you run for thirty minutes around a track. The only main thing that stood in my way was the upper class the fifth grade. Although the record was twenty-six laps around the track, that didn 't scare me to go after that record. It’s basically the one thing I have waited for since I was in first grade. It’s what made school fun for me. I wasn’t really smart at school because I never try. The only thing I love to do was to play sports all through elementary as well middle school. I grew up in a house with strong morals to do my best in school. But that didn 't matter to me. Running for me was to escape the world that meant to me that nothing matter. No one can say anything to you or yell at you. when you 're failing classes or why haven 't you done your homework. That 's how I fell in love with running.

The day finally came when it was May the fun run fundraiser. It was hot mix with windy, I could still picture it in my head. I didn 't want to run at all, but I couldn’t back out. We were raising money for new computers, and we sure needed it. There was only twenty-five of us running that day. I sure didn 't know if I was going to make it to the end. The gun goes off, and dust storms up as we started running. Many of the fourth graders start dropping like flies after the second lap as we go.
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