The Halo Effect On Job Prospects

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Beautiful people use their looks to gain better job prospects however the argument is, is it really on their attractiveness, weather it being their looks or how they come across. There is an old saying that no matter what people look like its how a person presents them self’s, this however shows how peoples perception is caused by the Halo effect, this is a cognitive bias of ones impression on that person. This bias can influences the individual’s behaviour and cause judgments taken apron that person. Also known as the “physical attractiveness stereotype” and the "what is beautiful is good". The halo effect refers to how people are rated by their attractiveness of individuals more for their personality and their traits and characteristics. The Halo effect is also used to describe an impression of a person and see’s their likeable personality, and their success, which is caused by creating a biased judgment therefor, the effect can have a influence how people are treated. The halo effect as a huge impact on job applicants as the employer is looking at their appearance and weather there attractiveness would fit in before they look at their academic intelligence. Kanazawa, (2004). Valentine, Darling, and Donnelly (2004) suggest that the images of faces can be manipulated to make their appearance more attractive of their face. For example, the shapes of the face are to be made closer and are to be perceived as better appearance. The influences are often confounded in

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