The Halves That Were Not Equal

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Colton Padgett Mr. Steen, Ms. Cucinelli 5/ 55 B March 18th, 2015 The Two Halves That Were Not Equal After Nazi Germany’s fall in the civil war, Germany was split into two parts separated by the Berlin Wall. The soviets had control of the east and the allied powers controlled the west.The division of Germany was not beneficial to both the allied west and the soviet east because the soviet east was under the rule of a socialist government and their citizens had no rights. The Division of Germany caused Germany to divide into a east and west side, the east was under the Soviet government rule. As a consequence of the…show more content…
The FRG saw the GDR as a soviet puppet state. A puppet state is defined as: a state that is allegedly independent but is in fact dependant on an outside power.(The Free Dictionary) Therefore, to the FRG, the DGR was illegitimate, and the FRG did not concern themselves with the GDR. In 1963, President John F. Kennedy was speaking in West Germany and in his speech he said “Let them come to Berlin”. Insisting on people coming to the democratic city of berlin in the FRG.(“Modern germany”) The German Democratic Republic tried to claim by the German Reichts that they were a legitimate state. GDR claimed an exclusive mandate for all of Germany. They claimed they were the democratically re-organized continuation of the 1871-1946 German Reicht.("Germany after World War II.") However, this claim was false, yes they had elections, but they were not free and fair by any means. East Germany’s elections only had one candidate who was usually screened by the government.(Coleman). So sure, the citizens could vote, but they only had one choice. In West Germany, elections were all fair by way of Democracy.(Coleman) Citizens in West Germany had multiple candidates to vote for and these candidates were not screened by the government unlike
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