The Hammer, By Anton Chekhov

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Laksamana Riadi
English 2
Professor Karron Robert Hammer
The hammer which is mention in the Short story in Gooseberries By Anton Chekhov, is something that all human being need to have in my opinion. I believe this hammer is a representation of reality. The hammer is is something to knock on us, to remind us we need to live a life that is idealistic, instead life full of unrealistic dream or live like the story in disney. Both the character in the story is trying achieve something they hoping they could, however, these dream instead of leading them to happiness, it leads them to disaster and stressfulness, which makes their “future” isn 't like what they planned, rather more like a disaster the main reason of this is
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Molly, who is our main character David’s mother is clearly the hammer who is going to knock sense out of them. she clearly who doesn’t approve of Harriet’s and David’s decision on having many kids “you haven 't really thought it out.” (13)here we could see that molly is thinking straight, and telling David and Harriet that having kids is not as easy as they think,they need to have plan, to make things work . She doesn’t think that the young couple is actually ready to have children yet. Molly doesn’t approve of it. She feels as if their still in their youth and they shouldn’t rush into it, Molly is the hammer here by thinking all the realistic possible outcome that could happen to her child if they do not think idealistic, or realistically, she is trying to knock them so that they would realize it.
The other hammer in the fifth child novel is Harriet herself and the fifth child Ben. As the story go one, the character of Harriet, start to realize that hers and David dream is not possible. I believe, Ben is a kind of signal for David and Harriet herself, to stop their dream in having a lot of kids, while they cannot they care their 4 children properly. The way when Ben is in her fetus, she feel a lot of pain, I believe, the process of suffering

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