The Hampton City School Board Meeting

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I. Group Description Type of Task Group - The type of task group I decided to observe is the Hampton City School Board Meeting. Purpose/Mission – The mission is to actively represent the community to focus support for every child’s success. The Board’s Goals 1. Maximize every child’s learning 2. Create safe, nurturing learning environments 3. Enhance parent and community engagement and stratification 4. Attract, develop and retain exceptional staff 5. Maintain effective, efficient and innovative support 6. Manage fiscal resources effectively and efficiently Agency Sponsorship - The Hampton City School Board is charged by the statutes of Virginia and the regulations of the Virginia Board of Education to provide and operate the public schools of Hampton, Virginia. Time, place of meeting, and environment - The school board meeting is held at Jones Magnet Middle School, 1819 Nickerson Blvd. at 6:30 p.m. The meeting is held in the auditorium and it is open to the public. The members of the board sat next to one another on stage while the visitors sat t in the audience. There was a clear distinction between the members and visitors. The environment is very structured and the members of the Board were task orientated. There was a great sense of group cohesiveness among the members and I could see there was a great deal of respect. Group composition - The board consists of three women and four men and the members were African American, Hispanic and Caucasian. From my
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