The Han Dynasty And The Qing Dynasty

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The Han Dynasty lasted from 206 B.C. until 220 A.D., making them one of China’s longest lasting empires. Their power and reputation rivaled that of the Roman Empire, which was also around at the same time. With only a few moments when they had some difficulties, they lasted four centuries that went through the times of B.C. and through the A.D. times. The Han Dynasty was thought to be the golden age of the Chinese, with their main points of development being in politics, technology, and the arts. Every following Chinese dynasty looked to the Han dynasty as their role model. The Han Dynasty first started in 206 B.C. by a man named Liu Bang. However, there were people who opposed him and started rebellions around the Han kingdom. It took four years to put down all of the rebellions. In the previous dynasty, Liu Bang was an official of the Qin. However, the Qin Dynasty was short-lived and angered the public. It only lasted from 221 B.C. until 206 B.C., where Liu Bang was able to amass an army and overthrow them. Of course, he also had to fight others for the throne, with one of his biggest opponents being a general named Xiang Ji. Xiang Ji was holding Liu Bang’s father hostage, saying that if Liu Bang did not surrender, Xiang Ji would have his father executed by being boiled alive. Liu Bang refused, sending a message back to Xiang Ji to save a piece of the soup for him, basically saying that Liu Bang did not care for his father what so ever. In the end, Xiang Ji never did boil
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