The Han Dynasty And The Roman Empire

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I. Introduction
a. Thesis: Addresses issues or themes to be compared. TAKE A POSITION!!!(1 point)
Unlike he classical age Han Dynasty that was destroyed by rebellions of the poor, the classical age Roman Empire’s overreliance on slaves and a divided empire left them with no loyal citizens to extricate them from collapse. However, while the pair differs in their downfalls, both the Roman Empire and Han Dynasty collapsed due to bad leadership driven by greed for power and land that caused them to overextend their resources.
II. Topic Sentence. Connected to thesis and question. Discusses direct comparison among societies.
The Han dynasty, unlike the Roman Empire, was mainly destroyed by persistent rebellions among the peasantry.

a. Evidence to support thesis. Specific causes and/or factors for direct comparison. (Why?!!!)
Peasants became more and more agitated with the state of Han China as more of them became severely indebted to rich landowners due to heavy taxation. The only way to survive became to sell their land to the wealthy and become tenant farmers.
i. Flooding of the Yellow River in 11 C.E. caused starvation throughout the land as these farms were destroyed, leaving many peasants without any income. ii. Further problems arose following the death of Emperor He in 105 C.E.. Chaos reigned in the royal court as greed for power led to extreme corruption, which only served to anger the peasants even more. Confucianist gentry-bureaucrats and the eunuchs erupted in
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