The Hand Of An Angry God By Jonathan Edwards

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While reading Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God, by Jonathan Edwards I came across some points that caught my attention. This story is based on how a pastor tries to persuade his congregation from the sins and make them to be fearful of the divine wrath, of God. I personally can relate to this story because of my religion. I am Pentecostal and I can see why Edwards would use such words towards his congregation so that they won’t perish and go to hell. My Pastor uses similar approaches like this when she preaches. In “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” Edwards uses frightening words and religious metaphors to divert people from the congregation from the sins and condemning them to hell if they provoke the wrath of God and to establish that everyone should be fearful of him.
Throughout the story Edwards used many strong condemning phrases so that people would be firm in God and not sin. For instance, the author states, “The devils watch them; they are ever by them at their right hand; they stand waiting for them, like greedy hungry lions that see their prey, and expect to have it, but are for the present kept back.”(pg. 196) I can see why Edwards uses these words because I can see that he cares for his congregation and he does not want them to go to hell. My pastor is the same way; she would talk to us with her foot down because she is the one responsible for us. According to my beliefs, it is she who has to answer to God, if her congregation goes to hell. I can see why
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