The Handling of Medicine in Social Care

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In the critical analysis of this article, it is apparent that information technology influences today's modern society in the aspects of leadership. From there, it is indicated that the information has strengthen leadership of business due to the access for the internet. As this idea has been proven true, some companies have used this technology to their advantage. For example, research has discovered that this company recently decreased in profit and stock because the competition that had not been evident in the past has showed face. There are many ethical and moral decisions to be made with drugs are available in health care facility. As department manager, a set of procedures and protocols regarding the handling, storing and monitoring of drugs is necessary to ensure the safety of the patients and employees. Within this set of procedures, generic drugs, controlled drugs, and all charting is necessary so that all drugs can be documented in order to keep track of everything and to keep all employees honest (Pamela Anderson, 2010). This is because no medicine is without side effects and some are worse than others."In any situation where care-workers are responsible for the looking after and giving of medicines to other people, be they young or old, healthy or sick, it is important to follow a set of general principles to ensure that this is done safely. In some ways this is similar to the way in which we follow a set of principles or rules in connection with the use of

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