The Happiest Refugee, Directed By Phillip Noyce And The Play ' Othello '

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Good morning year twelve English and Mrs Broadway,
Our cohort is nearing the end of its secondary education and therefore it is important that we reflect on the ways in which it has shaped our attitudes values and beliefs. For example, over the past five years we have read, analysed and evaluated various literary works (novels, plays, films etc) in our English studies. These texts express various ideologies, some of which have left a lasting impression on our attitudes, values and beliefs. In addition to this, English literary texts have provided us with historical knowledge aswell as a thorough understanding of the role that aesthetic devices play in engaging readers and expressing ideas. Three texts that have influenced me as an
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The resettlement of refugees in Australia is a controversial topic; many people believe that they come here to commit crime, change our culture and steal our jobs. ‘The Happiest Refugee’ has enhanced my belief that refugees should be allowed to live in Australia. I believe that refugees are here to escape war and persecution; they are not criminals, nor do they want to change our culture or steal our jobs. Refugees are generally grateful for their new lives in Australia and they embrace our culture. ‘The Happiest Refugee’ is a source of evidence that supports this.
‘The Happiest Refugee’ discusses various concepts including the effects of war, the trauma that refugees experience, their desire to contribute to society and our negative attitudes towards them. The second Indochina war occurred because the communist state of North Vietnam wanted political control over South Vietnam. Between 1955 and 1973, the USA was involved in South Vietnam 's defensive effort. In 1973 however, the US army left because too much money was being invested into the war and defensive attempts proved futile. As a result, South Vietnam was left completely defenceless. After the war, South Vietnamese soldiers and their families were captured by the North Vietnamese communists and held in labour camps. Some of these prisoners were eventually released (after 1976), however, they

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