The Happiest Refugee Quotes

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Millions of people around the world have no choice but to flee their homeland to escape war, genocide, torture and persecution (Amnesty international, 2014). In the story ‘The Happiest Refugee’ written by Anh Do the famous Australian comedian talks about his family’s life as a refugee and the struggles they faced beginning their life in Australia. The components that will be looked at include: The effects of poverty on his family, the struggle of being a refugee and how family stick together.

Firstly when Anh Do’s mother was young she belonged to a family of nine, two of which were locked away in‘re education camps’ in Vietnam. This as to be imagined would significantly be a hard timing for her family as proven in the book ‘The happiest
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The laws that they lived by were unfair and they lived a unhappy life, until his father and uncle’s planned a dangerous trip which if successful would lead them to Malaysia where they would be safe and give the children including Anh Do himself a happier life. “My dad and uncles huddled together at night planning the escape. The goal was to reach Malaysia and the journey was going to be complicated and potentially life threatening.” (Page 10) Indeed the trip was harsh, as they faced pirates, lack of water, food and the hygiene in the small boat they had was lacking which is something no person should go through no matter where they come from or who they…show more content…
They help each other buy a farm to live in, let relatives stay in the house when they move into Australia until they settle into a family home and much more. “My extended family pooled all their, called in favours with friends and relatives and sold everything they had- every possession- just to buy a goat.” (Page 9) The reason why the goat is very significant in this part of the novel is because it was used to give them meals and to make money rather than sewing clothing as they did in the previous house they owned to earn money to pay for many things they didn’t have the money
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