The Happiest Refugee by Anh Do

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Writers always have a reason or purpose for writing stories. “The Happiest Refugee”, written by Anh Do, is a memoir describing his family’s journey from Vietnam to Australia, heartbreaking struggles in his life, and how he became such a well-known comedian. He uses comedy to lighten serious issues and shows the best of his life living in a dominant white society. He makes readers more aware of Vietnamese refugees, how they are not taking this country for granted, and breaks the dominant stereotypes. He also uses this book to get more public appearance.

The most important reasons why Anh Do wrote this book was to make others aware of refugees and what they go through to get to Australia. The first chapter is of his family
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However, this is not true at all, and readers discover this when reading the book.

Another reason Anh Do wrote this book was for self-promotion. He is already such a famous comedian, writing this memoir lets people know about his life and how he became a comedian. He promotes himself as a great comedian by using comedy to glaze over serious topics such as the time he couldn’t afford shoes or schoolbooks. He adds humour to every chapter, making the reader assume that Anh Do is funny in real life as well. He had already established a public profile in this country before the book was published and this made people want to read it more.

One of the main reasons Anh Do wrote this memoir was to humanise and break the dominant stereotypes of refugees. Many people in Australia call refugees “illegal immigrants”. This is not the case because seeking asylum is not illegal. He humanises refugees by talking about himself, a refugee. It helps to show people that not all asylum seekers are Muslim or terrorists. Many of these people can be friendly, and in his case, famous. He tries to show that all asylum seekers as good by not mentioning anything about the bad ones, including the mafia. Do plants the idea in the readers head that all refugees are good and should not be judged so quickly.

The Happiest Refugee by Anh Do, is a memoir that makes people change their minds about asylum seekers. He appealed to readers

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