The Happy Prince and Other Tales Book Summary

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[pic] Publication data *Title of the book: The happy prince and other tales *Author: Oscar Wilde *Publisher: Noorsons publishers *Date of first publication: 1888(A.D) *Current publication: Not known *Number of stories: Five (5) *Number of pages: Eighty (80) *Type of cover: Paper back *Condition of book: Excellent *Price of book:…show more content…
The next day swallow visited the harbor and at night he came to the prince and the prince again requested him to stay for one night more as he could see a little match girl weeping because of lost of matches. The swallow said that he could not stay because here is too cold but he agreed to do so. Happy prince said the swallow to give his other eye sapphire to her. Swallow did not want to do it but prince ordered to do so. So he plucked the sapphire and gave it to her. Then he returned and told the prince that he will live with him always. Next day she told the prince the stories what he has seen in strange lands. The prince said the swallow that he is covered with fine gold so take of the gold and give it to poor. The swallowed took of the gold and gave it to the poor. Then the snow came and swallow became colder and feeble. And at last he knew that he was going to die he said the prince good bye. He replied that he was happy that he is going to Egypt at last but swallow said that he is not going to Egypt he is going to the house of death. He kissed on his lips and fell down dead at his feet. At the same time a loud shriek was heard the reason was that the leaden heart of prince was broken into two pieces. The next day the mayor of the city came he saw the statue and ordered to bring the statue to furnace to be melted and build his own statue as it was no longer beautiful. But the leaden heart of the
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