Essay on The Happy Trail

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The Happy Trail

Sometimes people have a certain place to go to think about things. There are people that associate certain places with negative thoughts or feelings. I believe that people should have places to go that make them happy. Even though, there always seem to be places that make us cry and give us a feeling of great depression. Places in nature are very important to people and their ability to relax, to look at the beautiful scenery, and to have peaceful memories of the happier moments of their lives. I try to always associate nature with positive feelings and thoughts, and if it works for me I think everyone should try it. The truth is, I picture nature representing beauty, happiness, and memories.

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I think he was probably just scarred to move because he knew if he did I would throw him in anyway. After we walked on the trail for awhile, we came to another path leading high up a huge hill. It was so funny seeing the sudden paleness of his face when he looked up this hill. Sometimes I was afraid that I would have to drag him up the hill, but he was just as brave as I and we climbed. Up and over huge, bulging tree roots and even fallen down trees we hiked. Half the climb required being on our hands and knees, only to slip down a ways after hitting a patch of mud or two. Karl and I would stop occasionally to take a breather and look down to see how far we had climbed. Every time he looked down he would take a deep breath of air and hold on a little bit tighter. I would laugh at him until I remembered how ugly of a sight it would be if I were to fall. Eventually we get to the top and hike a little ways to get to the main attraction. A huge cliff overlooking what seems to be billions of trees, at the greatest scene of nature imaginable.

This cliff had a very significant meaning to both of us. Being at the top of this cliff made it incredibly easy to think and clear out your mind. That is why I still venture up to our cliff, even though now I have to venture alone. My friend Karl died almost two years ago in a car accident along with his parents. Even
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