The Happy Warrior by Herbert Read

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World War I was a war full of combat, devastation, and death. It was not just any war. A total of over 37 million people were killed, a combination of civilians and soldiers. Soldiers went to battle every single day, not knowing which day would be their last. Soldiers weren't just fighting for their countries, they were fighting for their families and their lives. The reality of war had tumultuous effects on everyone who lived during that time. It had devastating effects on economies and societies all around the world. Many of the soldiers who fought in the war were valiant heroes on the outside, but anxious citizens worried about what was to come next on the inside. Death was something that many soldiers accepted, even though no one wanted to encounter the man himself. One poem that relates to the war and how soldiers felt fighting in it is "The Happy Warrior" by Herbert Read. "The Happy Warrior", a poem by Herbert Read, is an accurate depiction of how soldiers felt during the harsh times and realities of battle and war. World War I was a war fought between countries all over the world. Since it was a war, many lives were lost and places were destroyed. Many leaders rose to power during the war, both good and bad. Despite this, the main problem that resulted from the war was all of the death and devastation. A total of over 37 million civilian and military casualties resulted from First World War. Over 16 million deaths and 20 million wounded civilians and soldiers was

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