The Hard Facts Of The Grimms ' Fairy Tales

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The four themes that Maria Tatar argues in her book The Hard Facts of the Grimms’ Fairy Tales are 1. Rise of national identity and culture 2.Dissolution 3. Political and religious refugees and 4. Change in technology. With all four of these being relevant to the time, it sets up the importance of the remake of the fairy tale. We have to look critically at where we are and where we are going because of our pop culture and politics. While some may argue that fairy tales have become less important to society as we are advancing in technology there are some that still strike important meaning to this day. Fairy tales in this day have often become associated with 1) Disney and 2) princess culture. And while there is nothing wrong with these, in fact I am a huge fan of both of them myself, as a result many other fairy tales have been pushed into the background. One such fairy tale is The Emperor 's New Clothes, originally written down by Hans Christian Andersen in 1837. This tale is able to examine how social media is changing our interactions as well as talk about the political climate in which we now live in. This then makes it the perfect candidate for a modern remake movie. The american public is the becoming the emperor as we lose sight of what’s really import by social media consumption, while the current political climate is the people who are promising to make us robes. (target is millenials and gen-z, they need to identify with the emperor, trajectory of change) The
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