The Hard Times of Blacks in the South in the 1940's

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The Hard Times Of Blacks In The South In The 1940’s Racism was a big issue in the south in the 1940’s. Racism was a major issue in the south back then because of all kind of reasons for example the KKK, and the laws that would make the blacks inferior to the whites in the southern society. The author Richard Wright wrote the book Black Boy about his own childhood. Richard Wright’s writing was influenced by his experiences with racism, Jim Crow laws, and segregation in the south in the early 1940’s. Jim Crow laws have been around in the south for many years to restrict blacks from having manying rights that they should of had. The Jim Crow laws in the south have been getting blacks in trouble by getting themselves hung by the KKK."Jim Crow laws relegated blacks to an inferior status socially and to second-class status legally"(Jim ). In the south during this time blacks had no rites and no power and the reason was because the laws like the Jim Crow laws they were set to enforce to blacks that they were not the ones that were “running this town” and it came to a point where even the president agreed "Roosevelt, like so many others of his time,felt that "as a race and in the mass" African Americans were "altogether inferior to whites," not social and intellectual equals."(Jim). Thats saying that the president was was against the blacks and its basically saying one of the laws of the Jim Crow laws. Its also saying that the president was racist towards blacks too. The
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