The Hard Truth About Soft Skills Essay

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The Hard Truth About Soft Skills Timothy Paul Winters IAS 484 Cathy Kerrey 10/24/16 In the book, The Hard Truth About Soft Skills emphasizes the necessity of developing a person’s soft skills in the workplace. As the book contains fifty-four workplace examples that the author has obtained from counseling individuals that teaches the reader how to increase their knowledge of soft skills. Each chapter focuses on one particular soft skill by illustrating how to perform strategies and methods to improve interpersonal knowledge that a person may be lacking in. Some of the soft skills that the book depicts are communication, job completion, being judged, management, and the shadow organization. For the importance of gaining soft skills is imperative as 75% of a person’s overall success in their career is dependent on interpersonal abilities, not technical knowledge. Communication is the third chapter in the book "The Hard Truth About Soft Skills" that I personally valued as it is something I have struggled with as an introvert. As the chapter emphasized that co-workers need to listen to their supervisors and that they should not interrupt them midsentence with their own ideas. In addition, that co-workers should attentively listen to their bosses and not let their own mind wander off another topic. To resolve this particular issue, the book suggested that people should paraphrase their bosses’ instructions to ensure they are carrying out their tasks properly and
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