The Hardest Pieces Of Meat

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One of the hardest pieces of meat to cook is the Tri-tip steak roast, because most are three pounds and many tend to burn the outside of the meat while the middle is stone cold raw. I like my meat cooked to a nice medium temperature, I feel the best way to cook a Tri-tip steak is on an outdoor briquette barbeque, anything other than this is just not doing this piece of meat any justice.
Let 's start with the grocery store, to have the best meat that will melt in your mouth, always start with a nice piece of raw beef. Meat is graded on a scale according to marbling effects. Nice Restaurants only used USDA Prime. You and I can 't buy Prime meat in the grocery store. The USDA grades meat, and Prime is young, well-fed cattle and has an abundant marbling. Most grocery stores can carry USDA Choice meat, and this is my recommendation of what to buy; it is less marbling but is still very tender and juicy. You have to be careful, some stores don 't carry this and try to sell the lowest grade which is USDA Select. Select is fairly less tender, less marbling , less on flavor and juiciness. Stay away from USDA Select. Vons carries a nice USDA Choice meat, so I recommend it.
Seasoning the meat is a crucial element of this process. I like to bring my roast out of the refrigerator and season it, letting it sit on the counter so it comes to room temperature, while my briquettes are getting ready on the barbeque. Allowing the meat come fully up to temperature will help the meat
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