The Hardships of Following Your Dreams and Immigration

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A New White Race As an immigrant and divorce mother of two who comes to a foreign country pursuing a better future for my kids, I ignored the complexity of the factors that are required to fulfill my dreams. Moving from a socialistic culture to an individualistic one, being the last one, the culture that my kids are more likely to adopt I realized the importance to build a solid family, and I started looking for possible factors that might give me a clear view on how to achieve my quest. The first factor that I found interesting was the high percentage of single-parent families, and the almost extinct long-term marriages. I come from a country where long term marriages still prevalent, for that reason this observation shocked me the…show more content…
Furthermore they have become the new economic trend. My reflection about the practice of racism in the past makes a lot more sense now because in the past Americans were majority, even more they had the control over minorities. Now, the percentage has changed, and racism has been decreasing as mixed-race relationships have been increasing. Nevertheless, interracial relationships are not the main factor to end racism, instead the population that is growing more diverse, and as a result the dominant group is facing the need to share the power with minorities that are becoming majorities. Racism and discrimination are not easy to abolish, even when Americans are becoming a minority there will be always a new mixed-race group that would dominate the rest, and along with that the discrimination against the other racial groups. To conclude, this last reflection brought me to the point of my research that might be helpful to others to better understand the relationship between interracial marriages and the decrease of racism. The interracial marriage according to Pew data has increase during the last years. The study was conducted by asking specific questions such as: if someone of your family marries other race, which will you are okay with? The results: Blacks 66%, Hispanics 73%, Asian 78%, and White 81%. The results showed that

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