The Hardships through the Life of Pablo Picasso

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I. Description Pablo Picasso endured much poverty and hardships in his life. He knew what it was like to be at the bottom of societies standards. He dropped out of school at age 16 to pursue a better art education. Picasso and one of his close friends moved to Paris looking better art opportunities. Picasso’s friend later that year committed suicide. These experiences led him to paint the blue period where many dark and depressing painting were created by him. The paintings during the blue period were exact reflections of the poverty, pain, and loss in Picasso’s life. One of the most famous paintings to come from his blue period is, The Old Guitarist. Picasso created this painting in Madrid in 1903. The guitar is the only part of the picture that isn’t some kind of grey or blue. The guitar is almost like a crutch to the man making it seem like it is the only thing holding him up. The painting stands out and captures the viewer even though its colors are dull. Picasso was the best at balancing the dark shades just enough so they didn’t run together. This painting is one of the most depressing paintings of all time. The walls are very dark and give a cold depressing feel. They seem like a jail cell holding the man captive. He cannot escape the dark colors that surround him just like he cannot escape the harsh world. The sky looks endless like there is no tomorrow coming. It also seems like there has never been a sun to warm the lands in this painting. Picasso mixed the colors
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