The Hardworking Employee

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The Hard-Working Employee One would think that in this day and age, having a job would be something that one should not take for granted. Given the fact that many people are unemployed and actively, yet unsuccessfully, looking for jobs, actually being fortunate enough to be gainfully employed by someone would be a good thing. Alternately, as an entrepreneur or the head of a company, whether big or small, you would expect that your employees would work their hardest to make sure that the business is successful and that your clients are satisfied with the level of care and attention that they receive. Take for example the case of Mr. Pierce, the owner of a small, yet successful, law firm, and one of his trustiest, most reliable employees Matthew. Working for Mr. Pierce was not a difficult thing to do. Everyone would show up on time and promptly turn on their computers, sometimes making a quick run to the cafeteria or lunch room to prepare a quick snack before they had to sit at their desks and work the day away. While the work was not hard, and many would handle massive workloads without complaint, it was easy to get distracted. Being forced to sit at the helm of a machine that has the capacity of connecting you to people in the outside world, people around the world, and others within your office can be problematic and troublesome, especially if your ever-so-clever employees think that they can get away with it. Mr. Pierce never took into consideration that his

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