The Harlem Renaissance : An Intellectual Movement

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As inferred by William Harmon, “the Harlem Renaissance was the first intellectual and artistic movement that brought African America to the attention of the entire nation”, as stated verbatim in A Handbook to Literature (Harmon 227). Accordingly, the Harlem Renaissance was an intellectual movement that was commenced to enrich men and women of color through expressive mediums such as in literature, art (both visually and dramatically), music, and knowledge of thyself; it was ultimately a reawakening for America and American life, notwithstanding, a person’s racial ethnicity, economic status, educational background, social statuses or any other dependent-factor that may weaken the parameters of our dreams and secrete our potential from our own eyes. In addition, it was a self-conscious movement, in which, brought forth and shed light on distinguished African American men and women who excelled in various fields of human endeavor in the educational, economic, and social fabric of America; and who also surpassed numerous racial boundaries to ameliorate the quality of life within America—not only for people of color, as many deplore the tendency to imply, but ultimately for the well-being of the general public. Although it is true that this social developmental movement had copious frontrunners who all puzzled in significant pieces for the advancement of this movement, one contributor, in particular, by the name of James Mercer Langston Hughes, utilized his emotional and
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