The Harlem Renaissance And American History

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Art is defined as an expression of a persons beliefs, ideas, imagination, and character. In this class, we learned that the many forms of art could be a reflection of a persons emotions or a time period by using naturalism, idealism, or abstract themes. During the 1920’s, an era known as the Harlem Renaissance defined black culture and changed entertainment around the world. The black community used art such as music, literature, and paintings to express social freedom. Artist such as Jacob Lawrence, Langston Hughes, and Duke Ellington used their art as a form of therapy and communication to share the life of an African American in White America. This phenomenon created culture pride within the community. Their art is significant to American history because it mirrored and gave a voice to the struggles within the Black community because they expressed inequality in America. The Harlem Renaissance was a significant era for not only the Black community, but also it influenced entertainment and civil rights in America. I believe the art gave people hope that they can achieve freedom from racism. The Harlem Renaissance was created from The Great Migration in the early 1920’s. After World War I, African Americans migrated from the south to northern regions like New York to find better job and education opportunities for their families. This movement was successful because it redefined that black community. Thanks to the economic improvement, African Americans evolved into

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