The Harlem Renaissance, By Gwendolyn Bennett, Walter White, And Palmer Hayden

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Gwendolyn Bennett, Josephine Baker, Walter White, and Palmer Hayden are some of the many people who influenced the Harlem Renaissance that are idols to those around them, excellent at what they do, and influenced many people to believe that they could do anything they put their heart into.
The Harlem Renaissance, was part of the larger "New Negro" cultural and intelligent movement of the 1920s, remains one of the most studied and popular periods of American and African American literary and cultural history. It was also was a period between World War I and the Great Depression when black artists and writers flourished in the United States. Critics and historians have assigned varying dates to the movement 's beginning and end, but most tend to agree that by 1917 there were signs of increased cultural activity among black artists in the Harlem area of New York City and that by the mid-1930s the movement had lost much of its original vigor.
Gwendolyn Bennett lived an exciting and full life as a poet, short fiction writer, graphic artist, art and English teacher, columnist for the National Urban League 's Opportunity magazine. Which lead to her being the editor of Fire!! The avant-garde magazine produced by young writers of the Harlem Renaissance and head of the Harlem Community Arts Center. For more than twenty years she was actively involved in black culture and the New York arts community. Although Bennett knew she was born on July 8, 1902, in Giddings, Texas, no record of…

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