The Harlem Renaissance By Langston Hughes

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In 1920, there was a new movement beginning called the Harlem Renaissance. After World War I, many blacks migrated from the south to up to the north to places like Chicago, Detroit and New York. The people in Harlem felt the racial pride and this caught the attention of many musicians, writers, and artist. The Harlem Renaissance period lasted from 1920 to around 1935. Even though this period was short, it still lives on though all African American artists today.
According to in the article about Langston Hughes, there were many artist, musicians, and writers such as Langston Hughes, who was a huge part of the Harlem Renaissance period. Langston Hughes was a well-known poet and play writer. In the magazine called “The Crisis” his poem “Negros Speak of River” was published in 1921 and brought him attention in all the black communities. He also had many religious poems such as "Madam and the Minister”. Most of his plays and poems were focused on the life of an African American in the United States. He used musical rhymes and rhythms like black Ebonics to relate to most of the African American community. W.E.B Du Bois was the editor of the NAACP magazine called The Crisis. This magazine company published news in Harlem and was a stepping stone to for black artists, poets and writers to publish their work.
Another Magazine was the Opportunity. This magazine brought the racial pride in African American communities and brought exposure to the African…
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