The Harlem Renaissance By Langston Hughes, Zora Hurston And Countee Cullen

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Could the color of your skin really affect who you will evolve to be? Maybe not as much now but definitely over 100 years ago before the modern period occurred. The world has transmuted so much from segregation to integration and diversity is now seen more as auspicious. The beginning of this transformation unlocked new opportunities for black cultures and their arts, music and writings as the Harlem Renaissance emerged. However, the expedition to acquire this great change was filled with tribulation. Glancing back, it is perspicuous that the years 1914-1945 made a vast alteration in our nation’s outlook from the skills and talents of the valiant African-Americans; along with the authors that wrote to divulge their struggles such as Langston Hughes, Zora Hurston and Countee Cullen. The Harlem Renaissance was a period of modernism from 1914-1945 that enabled the African-American culture to thrive. In particular: author’s writings, jazz music and artists, incorporated their culture through their expressive art forms. This was a period that gave blacks more freedom to display their abilities. Also, many African-Americans came from the South in hopes of contributing. It encouraged many interracial activities like dancing and singing (Bayme, Levine, 2013). It wasn’t just a literary movement; it was a period that assisted in our integration and racial rights today. Many of the leaders that supported this era, ended up being heroes of which we now read about in school. So not
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