The Harlem Renaissance : Contributions And Causes Of The Harlem Renaissance

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The Harlem Renaissance

Katherine Morel Honors History 2 Period 6 October 30,2017

As a result of WW1, The Great Migration occurred where millions of African Americans traveled up North for a better life. Many established in New York, Cleveland, Chicago and Pittsburgh, even Philadelphia but New York was the most vibrant as African Americans developed their culture. Many established in New York City neighborhood which was known as “Harlem” were African Americans got a new sense of hope and pride as they had a chance of rebirth. Afro-Americans decided to come to the North after WW1 as American factories decreased with workers this was a chance for African Americans to come to the North to make a better living. As many came to the North they heard many stories of the increase in economic opportunities, political rights and social Advancement. Also, many who traveled North wrote letters back to friends and family; it increased the stories of how the North should be their next pit stop. As the South was considered a dead end as they faced true segregation, Jim Crow laws, and mostly banned from getting an education as they
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