The Harley Davidson 's Strategy And Explain Its Rationale

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1- Identify Harley-Davidson’s strategy and explain its rationale.? Harley Davidson is basically an American motorcycle company founded by William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson in 1903. In the following 108 years of business, the Harley Davidson company is considered as a greatest brand in the motorcycle industry. Through clever marketing and positioning, Harley Davidson has created a respective image, and now appeared to people from different backgrounds all across the globe. Harley Davidson is considered as one of the greatest motorcycle company all over the world. Harley Davidson the company offers different products with regards to the performance, custom and tourism. With respect to Porter’s Generic strategy the company has…show more content…
(Itami 2007) Potential Entrants due to high competitiveness There is high barrier to entry in this market and it requires huge amount of investment to entre this industry. There is a great improvement in the economics of scale for a better off for production and capital investment. Basically, There are four major competitors in the motorcycles industry and always business is relays on reputation and customer experience as well as strong brand image in the market place. Substitutes the heavyweight motorcycles are the luxury items that create the vast majority and increase in the few close substitutes with serious affect in the market. Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki are also the small manufacturers which are the closest substitutes by the passenger cars and scooter bikes. They were the most important heavyweight motorcycle and were not seriously considered the important options. Passenger cars are weak substitutes that rarely are purchased by the consumers to satisfy the requirements of the transportation. In India, the major substitute product is Enfield. Power of buyers and supplier Harley Davidson as a company specialized in heavyweight motorcycles, works in every single stage of the motorcycle production. It engaged with extensive independent dealership network (Network based System). Also, there are varies suppliers that supply material for manufacturing operations that is very little than the single supplier can exist in the market... How might you measure

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