The Harm of Genetically Modified Organisms Essay

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The Harm of Genetically Modified Organisms

Genetic Modification is when the genetic make-up of a living organism is altered (1). This can be done by changing an existing section of DNA or by inserting a new gene (4). Genetic Modification began in the late 1970’s (6). It can be used between different species for example from a plant to a human or an animal to a human.

It is often used to enhance the flavour of foods as well as to improve the size and quantity of foods like tomatoes. Joining genes from different organisms is known as recombinant DNA technology, and the resulting organism is said to be "genetically modified," or "transgenic." Genetically Modified products include medicines,
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Vitamin C is vital for a human being and an increase of this vitamin in oranges can be very beneficial to consumers, as it will improve their intake of the healthy nutrients provided by the orange. GM is faster and lower in cost (2).

They can also be used in crops. Pesticides, herbicides and insecticides will not be sprayed on the crops so there are fewer chemicals present on the crops so there is a less chance of it being harmful to humans. This will have an environmentally friendly outcome. I think this shows that GM technology can be environmentally friendly and can reduce a human’s intake of chemicals and pollution. GM can be used to improve the quality of foods as well as increase the number of crops created. This can lead to more quality crops being produced and supplied to the consumers. I find that this is economically beneficial for the country.

GM can enhance the taste and quality of foods. Maturation time for the foods can be reduced. Due to genetic modification there will be an increase in nutrients and yields. There will be an improved resistance towards disease, pests and herbicides (1).

Genetic Modification is also used in animals to increase resistance, productivity, hardiness and feed efficiency. GM can also enhance better yields of meat, milk and other dairy products. Due to GM animal health
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