The Harmful Disadvantages of Heroin

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Heroin is an addictive opioid or, sedative drug, which is blended from morphine, a narcotic drug that is used to relieve pain and is fast acting. It’s a naturally occurring substance that is extracted from the seed pod of the Asian opium poppy plant that can be grown in Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia, Mexico and Colombia. Heroin is usually in the form of a powdery substance that is either white or brownish, or it’s a black sticky substance. Heroin is given many street names such as Smack, Thunder, Black Tar or Hell Dust so that it can be identified certain people, particularly by drug dealers and users. When ingesting heroin into the body, it immediately goes to the brain gives the user a sense of euphoria, relaxation, drowsiness and so forth. The drug bind with the brain’s opioid receptors that is located in many areas of the brain. However, don’t be fooled by how good these things sound. The next few paragraphs will give researched examples of some harmful disadvantages of heroin that does long-term damage to the brain cognitive functions. As I mentioned earlier, effects of heroin can be long lasting, but that mostly depend on the amount of usage of the drug; though, no amount of any drug being used outside of medical reasons is ever alright to take in the first. Prolonged use of heroin does have negative…

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