The Harmful Effects Of Domestic Violence On Teenagers And Adolescents

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In recent years, raising awareness has become a concern regarding domestic violence and its devastating effects. Domestic violence affects teenagers and adolescents just as much as any other age group. Domestic violence touches families from a range of cultures, education, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Teenagers are affected by violence more significantly now than in previous decades. Witnessing domestic violence can cause anger, depression, aggressive outbreaks and major stress. However, not only is witnessing it an issue, but teenagers are taking part in the violence itself. These violent behaviors have become a major roadblock in abuse prevention. Domestic violence appears in a variety of forms that may be hard to identify. published an article “Learn About Dating Abuse,” in which domestic abuse is defined as a pattern of abusive behavior in an intimate relationship. The one thing in common between all unhealthy and abusive relationships is the need for power and control. Common forms of domestic violence include physical, verbal, sexual, and financial. Any young adult can experience domestic abuse, not just married couples (“Learn About Dating Abuse”). provided a common list of red flags that will help identify warning signs of domestic abuse. For instance, a partner may tease their significant other by name calling, questioning whereabouts, hiding drugs, restricting other from seeing friends, or stalking.
This type of abuse occurs
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