The Harmful Effects Of Recycling On Our Environment

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Have you ever engaged in outdoor activities and seen excessive waste? or maybe you seen enormous amounts of debris in the ocean; that made you disgusted with our community. Today we tend to ignore the positive effects recycling has on our environment. Think about the harm we bring to our natural environment and habitat destructions. The harmful chemical and greenhouse gasses that are released from landfill sites; polluting our air. We begin to see recycling signs more often; in schools, at work and our community. But most ignore the meaning of recycling, we don’t consider recycling a mandatory requirement. Efficient and effective recycling starts with us, it requires the participation from us as a community. To maintain a healthy and clean…show more content…
In 1860 the increase in waste thrown in the alleys and streets of Washington DC, resulted in the frequent appearances of rats and cockroaches. Including inside the Whitehouse. (add more info maybe?) In 1354, King Edward III made orders to rake all waste from the city streets and alleys once a week. The English Parliament later prohibits dumping of waste in ditches and waterways. Once those orders failed, the English government ruled that household rubbish must remain indoors until removed by rakers. In the late 1400s, Medieval German cities provided wagons to carry waste out of the city and into the countryside. In 1657 New Amsterdam passed a law against dumping waste in the city streets. In 1710- 1895, countries worldwide acted towards promoting a clean environment. Some major events resulted in Americas first paper mill created in Philadelphia. Benjamin Franklin began the environmental movement (municipal street-cleaning). In 1857 British Public Health Act was created; giving authority to waste collection. The first concept was created to collect/ empty waste weekly. In 1895 the New York’s cleaning commissioner organize the first U.S garbage management, employing over 2,000 employers. As the years continued, citizen improved ways to decrease waste, water debris and crowded landfills. In today’s era, add something Alex Schenker, specifies “The Three R’s of Sustainability” – Reduce, Reuse &

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