Essay on The Harmful Effects of Global Warming

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The environment and human society have many elements that are sensitive to climate change. Agriculture, ecosystems, hot and cold requirements, coastal regions, as well as human well being are examples of elements that are sensitive to climate change. Future generations need to know that we as human beings did what we could, when we could, to prevent climate change. Even though global warming is happening slowly, we need to make changes in our lifestyles now because we are killing our earth and poisoning ourselves with emissions. Global warming is the rise in average temperatures around the earth, to the point that it causes changes in the global climate. The effects of these temperature rises are traumatic to our earth.…show more content…
Some of these contributions are more significant than others. There are two major man-made causes for global warming. One of these causes is population growth. Population growth is caused by the operation of fertility and mortality. Fertility is a main cause because the number of births will indicate the increase or decrease in population. Mortality for that same purpose, the number of deaths will also indicate the increase or decrease in population. More people means more food, more mass productions, and more necessary transportation, therefore emitting more greenhouse gases into our air because there will be more burning of fossil fuels (like our everyday automobiles) and more agriculture. In 1997 Al Gore held a speech at an event on climate change. At the time Gore was Vice President of the United States. In this speech Gore explains that, “we are adding a billion people every 10 years.”In just forty years, from 1959-1999 the world doubled in population to 6,000,000,000. The other main man-made cause for global warming is the advancements in technology. In Gore’s speech he proclaims this about technology, “while new technologies have brought many blessings, they have also given us unintended consequence (Al Gore on Climate Change (2011) The History Channel website). For example, cars are an amazing advancement in the past one hundred years. They have done great things for humans and have enabled us to
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