The Harmful Effects of Juvenile Prostitution Essay

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Juvenile prostitution is a great problem and not many people are aware of it. In some cases juvenile prostitution start as a voluntary act but in other cases there are grills ho are being kidnap just with the purpose of selling them for sex. I personally pick to inform you about juvenile prostitution because I am interested in making a difference in our teenager’s world I want them to walk freely on the street. I am tired of seeing how people take advantage of inoffensive and inexperience teenagers. I what my kids to grow In a safe place. I don’t want them to become the new slaves of the sex industries.

Back in the 1800’s, juvenile prostitution was legally and sociable accepted, but this change with the Mann act law in the 1910,
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Most juvenile prostitute get paid by their pimps or costumer (about $350.00 to even thousands of dollars) but there are others who are force to have sex and just receive drugs to maintain them in control. Many cases suggest that teenagers involve in juvenile prostitution grow up in neglectful and abusive homes. These teenagers were often abuse bay their fathers, step fathers, brothers or sell by their mothers. Most of the time these teenagers run away from their homes and onfortunelly many end on the street without no one to support them and a safe place to stay. They are often victimise true pornography, sexual exploitation and drugs. A fragile self steam and limited resources lead some grills to believe that they have no other choice but to enter the world of prostitution. These youth rarely have the chance to experience the simple joy of being teenagers. They often suffer pain humiliation and degradation in the hands of their pimps and costumers. Pimps target girls who seem naive, lonely, homeless, and rebellious. At first, the attention and feigned affection from the pimp convinces them to “be his woman”. Pimps ultimately keep juvenile prostituted in virtual captivity by verbal abuse- making this grill feel that they are utterly worthless, beating them and threat of torture. Almost 80% to 95% of all juvenile prostitution is pimp-controlled. (Kathleen Barry, 1995). The answer to the question “why do prostitutes stay with their pimps?” is the same as

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