The Harmful Impacts of a Teacher´s Job Essay

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A job could be the most rewarding aspect of one’s life, but it also can have a harmful impact. These harmful impacts are stress and the effects that is has on a person can be damaging in a number of different ways. The effects of stress can lead to serious illness and if not managed, can even result in death. Stress may not necessarily be a dreadful and visible disease like cancer, diabetes, or other infectious diseases. However, a stressful life has a debilitating effect on workers' performances and may lead to terminal diseases or such that can render the victims non-functional (Okoroma & Robert-Okah, 2007). On a functional level stress also has countless number of harmful effects as it can cause physical and mental health problems…show more content…
(Richards 2012). Another source of stress comes from the students themselves. The majority of students that teachers interact with will be respectful, polite and want to learn. However, there is always a class or a group of students in a class that will make the teacher dread that period of day (Olivier & Venter, 2003). As stated earlier, teaching conveys a great deal of stress that is generated from the classroom which are the internal factors, but there are also the external factors that can be a major cause of stress. In some schools there is the fear of violence, lack of input, and a feeling that no matter what the teacher does it really doesn’t matter because they don’t have any control Richards, 2012). Other possible external forces that could be the biggest causes of stress for teachers comes with major changes in the school during the summer months. There are times were the administrative staff feels there is a need for change. Some of the changes that could occur are looping, which means switching to a new grade level, or it could be that the organization of the school will have a new look.
We often talk about how bad stress can be and how it negatively affects your work performance. The reality is
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