The Harmonicus Culture of Hong Kong

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What place has the best harmony of the east and the west in the world do you think? The Middle East? Southeast Asia? or China town in the US? I think Hong Kong has the best harmonious culture in the world because it was a part of England and China, and many people from Hong Kong can speak English and Chinese. Even until now, China is not much open as many other liberal economy countries, but Hong Kong is. According to Milton Friedman who is one of the famous economies in the world, and who were awarded the Novel Prize in Economic Sciences, Hong Kong is a good example of the free market system. Therefore, Hong Kong has been influenced many different cultures, and it becomes one of the harmoniest countries in the world. It became independent from England, but it has not been included China yet, so it has very distinctive culture. It was established in July 1st 1997 and would be a part of China 50 years after 1997 (Hong Kong Basic Law). Hong Kong rapidly developed social systems and economy in 1980. Therefore, there are many similarities and differences between 1980 and now. First, old Hong Kong and now Hong Kong have similarities in culture, especially movie industry. Hong Kong is one of the most famous movie stars’ home town such as Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, and Sammo Hung. In fact, Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco, and he lived and went to school in the US, but he went Hong Kong when he was 3 year old baby and grew up in Hong Kong. By his impressive martial arts and

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