The Harry Potter Series: An Analysis

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The Harry Potter series Although there is much controversy regarding J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter novels and the mixed messages that they can provide children with, most readers are actually likely to benefit as a consequence of going through these books. In an age where technology dominates people's lives reading is slowly but surely becoming obsolete. This is surely worrying when considering that children are no longer able to learn complex information. Harry Potter novels actually have a positive impact on the majority of individuals reading them and people really seem to perceive reading as a pleasant activity as a result of becoming familiarized with the books and their content. The fact that J. K. Rowling's book has had significant success on the general public materialized into children and teenagers to start to express more and more interest in the fantasy genre as a whole. Moreover, some fantasy novels combine fantasy with other genres and thus make it possible for young individuals to become familiarized with topics that they had nothing to do previous to reading Harry Potter. Young people have a complex understanding of Harry Potter and of the fantasy genre, but this does not prevent them from identifying with one of the characters in the book or from trying to promote diverse values that the novels put across. Society as a whole has provided a series of responses to the Harry Potter novels by introducing a series of ideas that are related to the books and
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