The Harsh Lives of Renaissance Children

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The Renaissance era was a very grim time to live in, mostly for the children. Their well-being, education and future were something that was often jeopardized by everyday factors of life. Their parents were not really there for them, they were more focused on other more important matters. Many children today believe that they live harsh lives and that their parents do not care for them, but if they were to travel back decades ago and live the lives of The Renaissance children, their outlook might alter. The children of Renaissance had everyday lives of poverty amongst a society pyramid. There was no “moving up” or “upgrading”; whichever economic family you were born into, was the family you died in. Everything, which is a gift now, is a …show more content…
Boys born into poverty did not receive an education whatsoever, and middle class who were lucky enough received little less than the noble students did. All students were often taught grammar and arithmetic; their language learning included Greek. Also, Nicholas Orme stated that “education was based on the learning of Latin and was usually provided in monasteries and nunneries”. Children who were not as privileged as their peers faced harsh discipline, long hours and bad atmospheres at school. It was an everyday undertaking for them to face. The educators would sometimes physically discipline them; they also did not care about their students at all. It did not matter to them whether they passed or failed. Parents did not involve themselves in their children’s school lives. As long as they were receiving somewhat of an education and securing a future for themselves (and their family’s name) was all that mattered. “If the broader culture 'knows' anything about children and childhood in the Middle Ages, it is that medieval culture didn’t know anything about children” (Classen). Childhood, schooling, and parenting were very different in the Renaissance generation. Education was scarce because there was not much else to learn besides the family trade. School was most likely a bad atmosphere for students due to the harsh discipline and the ways teachers treated
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