The Harsh Reality Of Deforestation

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The Harsh Reality of Deforestation If you ask a random individual to describe a landscape to you, any landscape that they can imagine from anywhere in the world, the odds are that they will mention an environment with trees. This is almost inevitable as every type of biome harbors some kind of tree, except for one: the arctic. Through new forms of science, researchers were even able to calculate just how many trees were on the earth. According to this recent study “the answer is somewhere around 3.04 trillion. That 's about 400 trees for every person.” (Netburn 1). The fact is that trees are necessary factors in maintaining the balance our planet requires to sustain life for all living things. Without trees, existence is impossible for…show more content…
By cutting down forests there is not only the loss of precious resources, but also the risk of extinction for numerous, tropical species. However, the impacts of deforestation on animals are not seen immediately since many of the side effects occur over time. As stated by Ian Sample, “Though few species are killed off directly in forest clearances, many face a slower death sentence as their breeding rates fall and competition for food becomes more intense” (Sample 1). Deforestation can attribute to a lack of resources, which in turn creates a battle of the fittest scenario for most species. Only the smartest and strongest breeds are able to survive in these circumstances, leaving the weaker ones to starve and eventually die off. A decrease in food and shelter, along with an increase in competition, is a deadly combination for many animal genera. Another detrimental side effect of deforestation is poaching. When these forests are cleared, animals are left in the open without a source of protection or camouflage, making them much easier for poachers to reach. If the loss of their habitat does not kill them, it is likely that illegal hunting will. Deforestation plays a prime role in climate change as well. When trees are cut down or burned, carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. This is incredibly dangerous, as global warming by definition is the result of too much carbon dioxide in
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