The Harsh Reality of Keeping Away From Radioactivity

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Radioactivity is a looming threat that many people do not seem to know about. Ever since the Fukushima disaster in Japan, the internet has been swarming with reports about how the radiation can reach the West Coast and harm Californians. This has been confirmed by experts; radioactivity was expected to show up in April and has already been found in kelp along the sea. Radioactivity is a serious threat to humans, and people should be more aware of the risks related to it, especially now, when there are signs of radioactivity in the West Coast. The main argument that people use to keep themselves from accepting the harsh reality of radioactive poisoning is that since there have been no radioactive leaks in the United States recently, we are not at risk. This also is untrue; back in April, there was a radioactive leak in New Mexico. So far, doses of radiation to the surrounding population are low, but even those low levels of radioactivity can have harmful effects on the body in the long term. So what are these harmful effects? To answer this question, we need to understand how radioactive isotopes decay. There are many different elements, and each has its own radioactive isotopes. For example, one of the common plutonium isotopes produced by man is plutonium-239. When this radioactive isotope decays, it produces energy. This energy is radioactivity. When the isotope decays, it produces alpha, beta, and gamma particles. These particles are also a part of a general class of
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