The Haunted Buildings Of Oklahoma

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On Saturday, June 26, 2000, horrifying events happened to a group of teenagers in a large mansion. This mansion is said to be the most haunted building in all of Oklahoma. Emma, Noah, Olivia, and Daniel had a rough night. It caused a lot of dreadful memories that will be penetrated in their minds forever. These kids just might find themselves in a situation.

Day after day, we would pass the mansion building on our way to and from school. Branches of vines and clusters of moss crawled up the sides of the building. I could see the paint, tearing off the walls. People for years have said the mansion building is haunted, but I don’t believe it. They say people have been possessed and killed there. Olivia, of course, believes every detail anyone tells him. To teach him a lesson, we decided to plan to spend the night in the mansion building this Saturday.

On Saturday, we began to pack our bags. My parents dropped me off at Noah’s house, assuming I was going to spend the night there. When Daniel finally arrived, we all grabbed our belongings and began the walk to mansion, and what we never thought would be the most terrifying night.

There it was, the image many people imagine in their nightmares. I could feel the cold sensation running through my veins when I looked up to view the many windows broken. As I looked up again, I think I might’ve seen something move.

“Hey guys, I don’t think we should do this anymore,” I said.

Daniel said with a smirk
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