The Haunting of Hill House

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The Liberating Appeal of Cars I choose to interpret the representation of cars in The Haunting of Hill House. In this novel, a car is first represented as a means of control over Eleanor by her sister (Jackson 7). However, Eleanor’s stealing of the car transforms the car into a representation of freedom from her present life (Jackson 10). The car allows Eleanor to be free of her controlled life and to begin her own journey (Jackson 10). We observe the same car at the conclusion of the novel as a device used to free herself from her forced departure of Hill House (Jackson 178). She uses the car to commit suicide, allowing her to stay at Hill House indefinitely (Jackson 182). I argue that in the novel the car is utilized for control…show more content…
Montague said importantly. I must say, she asked first about the car. A vulgar person; I told her she need have no fear. You were very wrong, John, to let her steal her sister’s car and come here” (Jackson 177). This occurrence shows a regression of the car’s representation back to an object utilized as control over Eleanor. Mrs. Montague’s reprimanding of Dr. Montague for allowing Eleanor to steal the car transforms Eleanor’s act of stealing the car into a negative action, as opposed to a positive act of Eleanor liberating herself from the restraints and control of her life. Therefore the car is again transformed into an object of control over Eleanor. Eleanor’s following confession demonstrates her desperate need to remain at Hill House and keep her freedom: “I haven’t any apartment, she said to Theodora. I made it up, I sleep on a cot at my sister’s, in the baby’s room. I haven’t any home no place at all. There’s no place you can send me” (Jackson 177). This allows us to further realize how meaningless and controlled Eleanor’s life was prior to her journey to Hill House (Jackson 177). Eleanor leaving Hill House in her sister’s stolen car would most likely force Eleanor into an even further restrained and controlled life. Forcing Eleanor to depart in the car only to return to an extremely controlled life would again make the car into

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