Essay on The Hawaii Diet : Returning to our Roots

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The HawaiiDiet : Returning to our Roots

In the past forty years, the average American’s weight has skyrocketed. This can be traced to the introduction of fast food into our everyday lives. Fatty cheeseburgers and grease laden French fries have replaced fresh fish and crisp vegetables. Americans have come to value convenience more highly than personal health and consequently we are paying for what we consume.

Obesity is becoming an increasingly significant health concern in the United States, nearly to the point of epidemic proportions. To be considered obese, one’s body weight must be at least 20% over their ideal body weight; unfortunately with this definition, over 30% of all Americans are obese. Alarmingly, approximately
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His focus is prevention, not reaction that other fad diets elicit.

The HawaiiDietÔ emphasizes not only a change in diet, but also introduces personal wholeness into the program. Dr. Shintani asserts in his book The HawaiiDiet, that optimal health involves all aspects of one’s being: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, not only one’s relationship with food. A harmony must be achieved within for optimum health, and this includes a life without high levels of internal stress. Saying a prayer, meditating and laughing daily, as well as performing acts of selflessness, and finding a love for life can reduce stress (p. 82).
The program shows one how to replace unhealthy and fatty foods with healthy and natural alternatives so that this diet becomes a way of life. Dr.Shintani’s program looks back to ancient Hawaii beliefs and traditions and has incorporated this into his modern day diet that all Americans can follow. Dr. Shintani’s program is modeled after the Hawaiian ancestors’ diet that consisted of high complex carbohydrate, low fat and moderate protein foods. In contrast to the popular low-carbohydrate, high protein diets of today, Dr. Shintani’s diet is mainly vegan in its composition. With a concentration of vegetables, fruits and whole grains, one is able to eat as much as they like and still lose weight. There is a de-emphasis of protein from animal products because of the relationship associated

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