The Hazardous Industry of Construction

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Introduction The construction sector is labelled as quite dangerous industry globally. According to the UK’s statistical record, the UK Construction Industry encompasses a place of being the most Hazardous industry even after the remarkable improvements made during the last decade. The reason due to which the construction industry is remarked as hazardous is due to its poor safety measures and catastrophic events that occurred throughout the history. Statistics from the HSE (Health & Safety Executive UK) showed that in the year 2009-2010 there were 42 accidents that proved fatal to the workers, making the UK construction sector approximately five times more vulnerable to the construction site hazards (Whitelaw, 2001, pp.22-24). Understanding the reason of the construction industry being so vulnerable has been a major focus and a cornerstone for providing the basic health and security measure for the prevention of such hazardous events, that remains the foremost key to cease such events at construction sites. However, all the activities conducted at the research site comprise of series of tasks that are to be executed by the operatives responsible for construction. The foremost aim and objective for the prevention of any such hazard at the construction site include reducing the accident rate at the construction site by improving the level of the hazard identification at the construction site which may vary from project to project that the construction company is working
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