The Hazards of Pest Control

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Hazards of Pest Control Farmers and those in the agricultural field have for a long time had to deal with insects which try to attack their crops and ruin their potential harvest. To combat these menaces, chemists were able to create chemicals which would kill the insects and protect the crops. These chemicals, such as DDT, were very successful and farmers had more to harvest than in years past. However, there was an unforeseen result of the mass spraying of poisonous chemicals. Human beings were negatively affected in a multitude of ways including direct illnesses as a result of pesticides and indirect negative effects because of the chemicals. Few people realize that the pesticides that are sprayed on foods are not washed off the product before it gets to the consumer. Often when a person purchases an apple or a head of lettuce in the supermarket, it will still have at least some traces of pesticide on it. Even fruits that are washed may still have some of the chemical still on them. Experts state that all produce should be washed before consumption, but even this is not completely safe because there are some pesticides which react with the skin of the fruit and become absorbed into the peel. Therefore, it is not enough to just wash the fruit or vegetable; the peel should also be removed. This is not full-proof either as there have been cases where the poison was actually able to move through the skin and into the actual food itself. This not only makes fruits and
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